The Children

sarahMy name is Sarah Wambui and I am 19 years old.  I joined KSC in 2005.  I come from a very poor large family. Having completed year 8 primary school with poor marks, KSC sent me to college to do a cooking course which I completed in 2009. Having gained work experience in Karen Provision Stores bakery and the Rusty Nail Restaurant I was very blessed to be given the opportunity to gain paid employment at Que Pasa in Karen for which I am very grateful. I would like to say a big thank you to KSC for helping the poor and needy.  I am now able to help my family by buying food and many other things.

My Name is Sammy Kamau, a young man of 22 years and the last born in a family of four. I am one of the proud beneficiaries of KSC. I joined KSC after my Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination six years ago. At that point my family was very desperate for we did not have any hope of continuing with my education due to lack of money to finance Secondary School. It was then that through a friend and neighbour that I learnt about the scholarships offered by the KSC Trust that I decided to give it a try. There and then I made and forwarded my application and having met the qualifications both in academic merit and a humble family background, I was offered a chance to further brighten my future.

I joined High School and after four years I completed and excelled in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in October 2008. In mid 2009 I went to College to study Accountancy and hope to qualify at the end of this year. Meanwhile, I have already secured a job at Governors Camp, a company that is in the first line of sponsors and supporters of the KSC Trust. Here I am gaining professional experience as I pursue my course part -time to attain the highest possible academic qualification. Given the chance, I would like to study to PhD level, get the knowledge and skills and thereafter establish my own Charitable Trust to give the needy in our society a chance to brighten their future too.

With this done I will have reciprocated the generosity and love shown by the KSC founder Dr Romi Grammaticas whose name and charisma cannot go unmentioned, all the donors, trustees and friends not only to me but to over 127 needy children in Kenya. To the potential donors I say ‘It is more worthwhile to teach one how to fish than to give them a fish’ and that the best way to give is to put a smile on a child’s face not only for a day or two, but for a life time.

Thank you and God Bless you as you give.

Judy Nyooro, Karen Street ChildOne shining example of our success is the story of Judy, an orphan from Dagoretti. Judy had been out of school for 3 years due to lack of funds to educate her further. She had had a disrupted school life, but was ambitious and hardworking. At the age of 16, she started Secondary school with our financial help and graduated in December 2006. Judy initially planned on becoming a doctor and spent 3 months gaining work experience at Wamba Hospital in Samburu. She loved hospital work and, as her grades were not good enough to allow her to study medicine, she opted for a Diploma in Clinical Medicine which would qualify her as a Clinical Officer.

Judy went to study at the Kenya Methodist University in Meru in September 2007. Completing her studies in December 2009 with an A average, she then proceeded for 3 months internship. She is a most rewarding student – enthusiastic, committed and hardworking. Her aim is to return to Dagoretti with her new found knowledge and help those who are less fortunate than herself, giving back to the community that she managed to break away from. In Judy’s words “I thank you once more and hope that one day I’ll be able to be of help to the society and give back as I have also been helped”.